My Review On Facebook Community Standards’ On Nudity

English Translation : Penilaian Saya Terhadap Facebook Community Standard Bahagian Kebogelan

When i study Facebook Community Standards (FCS) on 2017, i found one part regarding encouraging respectful behaviour to keep user in a good manner throughout the usage of social web, Facebook. Among the discussed matter includes the nudity was the first point on this part. When i try to understand the nudity standard, i found that the standard has the loops that cannot be denied or rescued to be tolerated onto it anymore. Why may be not if the enforced standard impacting the merciless towards the others, including myself by the cause of no valid basic? The following are two critical matters which i want to highlight the existence of clutter in Facebook’s policy details :

FCT said :

We restrict the display of nudity because some audiences within our global community may be sensitive to this type of content – particularly because of their cultural background or age. In order to treat people fairly and respond to reports quickly, it is essential that we have policies in place that our global teams can apply uniformly and easily when reviewing content.

My review :

If Facebook treat people fairly, why abandoning the people’s right whom no problem to that material? Even, the Facebook is taking action on it although no report for it and treat merciless toward users with excuse of containing nudity. If there has the report, it is not fair for Facebook taking on side and neglect other side. That’s not all if the image still not concurrence whether it is contain nudity or not. This matter will be clear on the next review and at the same time pointing that Facebook actually has no uniform rule and basics to their action.

If we want to settle the conflict of both sides, then the solution for Facebook is create an option for user to set automatic filter in their Newsfeed or anywhere else within Facebook website from displaying nudity contain, while the postperson is given the option to set the target audiences. At once, these give the fair treat to both side. Not all settled by restriction and then sentence other user barbarously.

FCT said :

We also allow photographs of paintings, sculptures and other art that depicts nude figures. Restrictions on the display of both nudity and sexual activity also apply to digitally created content unless the content is posted for educational, humorous or satirical purposes.

My review :

Here i have three review for this. Firstly, Facebook did not explain the meaning of education, humorous and satire. Is the education refers to the anatomy learning? Is the humorous refers to the image that its origin is not nudity type, but it being muddled up with that element until it becomes something that laughed the people out? Is the satire is sort of the image illustration of someone, by then it muddled up with nudity element and that material makes used of ridicule people? This definition is important so the Facebook has the uniform rule for their action.

For example, sometimes digitally illustration image that contain nudity uploaded and the image free from any element containing explanation on it, but it’s explanation has been made at the written post along with, not at the image itself? In this matter, is this can be considered as permitted nudity? In fact, it is the permitted nudity because it is containing education though the image didn’t has a clear element of education, but it is exist within post that included together according to Facebook’s standard.

Nevertheless, the things that happened is Facebook restricting outright before the user could finish up their stuff so the condition’s cause for restriction would be avoided. If it is not concerning the image is the nudity, it’s notification restriction by the reason of that image is a spam. Even if it is pass from post process, in the course of time, Facebook taking action excusing that it is violating FCS. This is without doubt a turmoil of Facebook on enforcing it’s policy.

Furthermore, the interpretation on nudity may be different by individual. This is the reason Facebook should clear its definition of exemption matter so the restriction context can be observed on the permitted limit in FCS. If not, all the image will be tossed out in the restriction list, whereas the post purpose is not for the other excepted matter. This is the merciless act towards user due to no clear basic for enforced policy.

Secondly, if FCS permitted photographs of painting, sculpture and other art that depicts nude figure, what if the digitally created content is printed, then the material is photographed, after that it is uploaded to Facebook? Is this considered as permitted nudity? In fact, it is also permitted nudity because it is illustration image. Thus, why should differentiate between photography and digitally created image? The different is only on the status of the image, which is one of them digital picture and the other photography image. Therefore, this standard is nonsense and no meaning at all except the Facebook equalize it’s policy action without differing both of them, which is whether they restrict the photograph and digital image or permit both of them. No choice for them except just that only.

Thirdly, Facebook treats such this because of the global community’s sensitivity to it. How the differentiation on sculpture and digital picture having different sensitivity perception of global community to it? What is the proof? Enforce without valid excuse is barbaric. The trace of the barbaric was clear where Facebook restrict outright although no report on it due to excuse of global community sensitive to it, but the sculpture and painting that depicts nudity do not considered as sensitive! It is clear that the sensitive perception depending on individual users themselves.


The best policy for this situation is two choices, either restrict all of nudity material or allow all of them. Such details is chaotic and no benefit of anything in enforcing the policy. This critic not only on it’s detail, even in the action that has no clear basics and extreme causing the restrict limit and context fuzzy and unclear for users. If this mean to overall restriction, hence lying to users by rule that allowing that material is the bright nefarious for them. However, if it the allowance is unclear, then the Facebook must alert to revise the rule of this case.

If something in unclear consideration on allowed and not allowed, can we do it? My answer is all behaviour are not wrong basically as long as it not proved as criminal and sinful manner. Interpretation to it is not bounded by mere individual because one people is not global interpretation to all. Nevertheless, whether that commit is success or not, it is depend by luck. If Facebook definitely want wild action towards someone, then what an unfortunate for them.


This are among the image that restricted by Facebook whereas i am adhere to two criteria. First, i am adhere to criteria which photography of scripture that depicts nudity. Second, i am adhere to criteria which the purpose of uploaded image for educational by attach it along with this article. Thus, how can i be punished for violating Facebook community standards? It is clear that the real problem on the Facebook itself!

This is image considered as spam at first. When i reply to Facebook that this is not a spam, they insist to block it because violating it’s community standard. I wonder why this becomes threat to their standards.
I uploaded this image along with academically writing post for showing some example of related to the topic in non-English language. Really! No jokes here! But as usual, Facebook made a mess to this.

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